Gokkana Teppan

i live in dormitory at haji senin gg.haji senin no.52 jakarta barat.wkwkkwkw,in here,i lived since 2006.talking about food,i like japannese food,first time i was eating in Hokka Hokka bento,but,i heard that there is no “HALAL” certificate,wew….imy reaction is only reflective.no word.
recently,i am alwas order it,n then come to my house.so now,i must be carefull about japannese food,so now i can promoted a new invention.yeah the name is gokana teppan .hm…..delicious food.using chopstick,great food seat,nice palace in there,n also we can heard song,but in the night,sometimes they will turn on the music,n we can requested.how about price???hm….cheap enough…
i can say for you that you must try it at home.(halah,wkwkkwkwkw).

delivery order :

i like katsu bento wuehehehhe