Tips for Better Marriage


HAPPY MUSLIM HUSBAND & WIFE’s Profile’s by By Sr. Muntaqima Abdur-Rashid

tips :

* tips better marriage :
* Be sensitive to your mate’s moods
* Don ‘t share personal problems with others.
* Respect your mate’s need for privacy.
* Live within your means.
* Be modest when around members of the opposite sex : Do not try to test your spouse’s affection by feigning interest in another. This will only cause dissension and bad feelings.
* Communicate your feelings to one another, good and bad.
* Surprise each other with gifts
* Share household duties.
* Have a sense of humour.
* Admit your mistakes and have a forgiving, generous attitude when your mate errs
* Be active in Islamic community life.
* Be aware of your role, but do not fall into role-playing.
* Be a companion to your mate.