at first I Think ah, finally I found my other half
The person I’ve been searching for
Till now, I’ve learned more about sorrow than happiness

“softhearted people are not fool, they know what people did to them
but they forgive again and again coz they have beautiful hearts”
softhearted people don’t have limit forgiving people
but its different when it was completely destroyed you ,
destroyed your body, destroyed your soul, destroyed your environment
and because of that you can say it’s time to let it go …

softhearted people don’t like conflict, hurting each other or hating each other
I hope everyone will forgiving each other, saying each other “be happy”
and keep our heads up following path that we had choosen…
i hope we will loving each other with the way we are…
and i will take all the blame to me,take all responsibilities to me….
to be hurting for a while more might be a good thing
i only want to close my eyes, shut my mouth and stop listening ….

to all of my friends, You have been the pillar I’ve been leaning on all these years.
Thanks for being the support system of my life.
to all of my family, thank you, without you, I’m dead
thanks for your worries, your support but i’m fine…
I’m strong person with warm heart, strong mind, high spirit, optimist
, beautiful smile, and good health
please don’t worry too much about me.. ya.. 🙂 warm regards, Yuli